The Christmas Story Challenges Our Prejudices – Part 4

Rodger Woodworth

As I asked in my last post, what happens when Jesus ignores the politically powerful and the spiritual elite to intrude into the lives of the pagan outsiders, like you and me?  They worship this new born King and go home another way.  There was no special wisdom spoken, no sparkling halo seen, not even a spectacular Christmas pageant, just the presence of the incarnate word – a baby Christ.

In His infancy and simplicity, Jesus is worshipped and the Magi are changed.  The Magi had finally found the true meaning of life.  A life that begins by giving oneself to the honor of Christ.  To worship Christ is to desire to give Him our goods and services because worship takes us into God’s presence and God’s presence causes us to walk home a different way.  You see the Magi not only worshipped  Jesus they acknowledged His right to direct their lives.

When we read the Christmas story it calls for a response.  It calls for a fresh perspective on Christmas.  It not only challenges our prejudices and preferences, it changes them and changes us.  Truth and humility reveal that we all have a little Herod in us, looking to an earthly king for our help, and a little elitism, thinking we have an inside track on God.  Yet it is only by the same grace that invited the undeserving Magi to Jesus’ first birthday party that we have been made right and well in the presence of God.  The Christmas story calls us to worship the new born King and go home another way, all be it a narrow way.  As the psalmist writes, “May all kings fall down before Him and all nations serve Him.”  (Psalm 72:11)

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